La camera dei bambini

Giocattoli e arredi della collezione Marzadori 1900-1950
Con testi di Antonio Faeti

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Maurizio Marzadori is a Bolognese antiquarian and founder of Freak Andò. Twenty-five years ago on the birth of the first of his three daughters, Maurizio started collecting children’s furniture and wooden toys. Each of his daughters was to have a fairy tale like room for herself. In his daily quest sifting through market stalls, antique shops, attics and basements or drawling the Internet, Maurizio kept a sharp eye out for rare pieces for customers as well as things to add to his own private collection.
At the same time he conducted assiduous research, going to exhibitions, reading specialist magazines, searching the archives of companies and authors, visiting antiques market, private collections and interviewing the descendants of artists, who often revealed priceless information.
Today Maurizio’s collection numbers around 400 pieces of children’s furniture, for home and school, mainly made in Italy. They range from mass-produced items to one-off artistic creations by famous names from the end of the 19th century to our day.
The Wooden Toys Section numbers around 350 early-20th century items that take their cue from the avant-garde artistic movements of the period.
The exhibition is a journey through the history of design and reflects changes in social mores, art, and manufacturing, as well in the cultural and educational fields.
Part of the collection was exhibited to the public for the first time in 2003 at the exhibition.
A misura di bambino [The Child’s Dimension], curated together with Maria Paola Maino.
In 2012, New York’s MOMA showed several items belonging to the collection in the Exhibition Century of The Child.